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The Sitcheran Lab

         at Texas A&M Health Science Center


Dessiah Phillips (2019) - Summer Undergraduate Research Program of Genetics, TAMU


Meera Khosla (2019) - Current position: MD candidate, Texas A&M College of Medicine

Jiung Jung, PhD. (2012-2018) - Current position: postdoctoral fellow at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Kassandra McFadden, MS (2012-2018) - Graduate of the Medical Sciences Program at Texas A&M Health Sciences Center


Fred Price, B.A. (2017-2018) - Current position: PhD student at The University of Surrey, UK


Zoe Alaniz, B.A. (2017-2018) - Current Position: Research Scientist, MD Anderson, Houston, TX

Marianne Best (2016-2017) - Current position: PhD student at King's College London for Cancer Research, UK

Sowndharya Ravi, MS (2015-2017) - Current position: Senior Research Associate, Casebia Therapeutics, CA

Linda Herrera de Lechuga, Ph.D. (2014-2015) - Current position: MD candidate, Texas A&M College of Medicine

Evan Cherry, B.S. (2012-2015) - Current position: MD/PhD candidate Texas A&M College of Medicine

Ashley Feil, B.A. (2013-2014) - Graduate of Texas A&M University

Alexander Saltzman, B.S. (2010-2012) Current position: PhD candidate, Baylor University, Houston, TX

Dhivya Ramakrishnan, MS (2009-2012) - Current position: Senior Research Associate, Gilead Sciences, Inc., CA

Will Estes, B.S. (2009-2012) Current position:  MD candidate, Texas A&M College of Medicine

Justine Johnson, M.D. (2009-2010) - Graduate of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine

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